Can't bind my new printer to the Creality Cloud

During installation the step to scan the QR barcode to bind the printer to Creality Cloud does not work with my phone (Google Pixel 7). So, I skipped that step with the expectation that I could bind the printer after installation.

So, right now everything else about the printer seems to be working well. But when I go to Settings → Bind to the Creality Cloud → International I am getting the same problem I had during installation. The phone does not display a web site, but a long text string… I’ve used the search feature in my camera scan software in the hope that it would point me to Creality but no luck.

In the meantime, I have set up an account online with Creality Cloud, but I see no place on the site to bind my printer.

Please help.

I also put a second QR Scanner software on my phone. This new scanner software results in the same problem. Instead of pointing to a weblink the scan software merely displays a long text string, and the search on that text string does not find Creality Cloud.

Is there something wrong with the K1 Max barcode?

On your Creality Cloud app try the scanner I’ve shown with the arrow to bind your printer…



It’s all good now.

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