Cant load filament and the cleaning tool will not push through the hole to clean it either

Hi, I had a major malfunction earlier when the print went all wrong and bunged up the nozzle. So I tried to clean the nozzle by pushing the thin metal rod through from the top but it only goes in about one cm before it stops and so i cant push it through to the bottom to clear the blockage. I’ve changed the nozzle and the issue isnt there. It just seems completely bunged up inside the tube in which the filament inserts into to.
Please can anyone offer any advice?

EDIT: Ive taken the printer head to pieces and can see a small piece of the filament that has broken off inside the brass tube where the filament goes. Its completely stuck and I cant budge it. Is the printer done (had it) now?..Very upset if so, as I’ve just purchased the Creality Ferret Scanner too!!

EDIT 2! Out of desperation and as a last resort I took a hammer and one of the small alum keys and bashed it into the hole as hard as I could and the stuck bit eventually came out!!..Put it all together again and thankfully it seems to be working again!!..Phew!!!

Should be able to clear the tube with a drill bit, I really don’t think it is beyond repair.

Reply to edit 2, see if you can get a spare or 2 of that brass tube, just in case it happens again, you can swap out, continue printing whilst you clean out the other one. I keep spare heaters, thermistors, pretty much everything on the hotend to get round failures.