Clicking Extruder

Just hit that problem today: The filament tubing needs to be straighten out, pull the tubing out of the cable guide and do not let it bend more than 40°, when you feed filament through the tubing it shouldn’t bind up. I disassembled my extruder, cleaned it with Everclear and a fine brush and tested, the K1 is back! I can only guess that the filament partials was causing the teeth to slip in both directions leaving the mess it made.

I have also encountered the clicking extruder. In my case I had a print fail where it got a signal of filament run out, but then later restarted and printed the remainder in the recognizable “starving for filament” style. The filament was TPU so I don’t believe flexibility is an issue. So I think that leaves me with 2 questions (which I think I know the answer to :thinking: ):

  1. Is the clicking the death rattle of the 2 month old extruder, and I have to get a new one?
  2. It there any possibility that this is covered by warrantee?
    (Survey says… “Yes and NO!” :laughing: )

The Kapt

In my experience on the K1 and K1 Max the clicking extruder syndrome is when the extruder can’t push the filament through and the gears are just slipping.
Sometimes that filament clamp on top is not pushed all the way over. I’ve seen it work it’s way loose on the earlier models of the extruder.

It could also be a clogged nozzle or hot end or…?


It was a dead extruder. It also fixed my problems with the Hyper PLA tearing on my calibration cats. I will need to rerun the fine tuning for Hyper PLA as the extruder was probably influencing results. I am looking forward to getting some printing done! (Now if only I could figure out what to do with the belts…)

The Kapt

Spoke too soon, still have extrusion problems.