Cone Shaped Succulent Planter

I redesigned my cone planter from last season. The first planter was far too large and used a lot of excess filament. Print time went from around 11 hours to 5. I dialed this one down quite a bit by scaling down the size and removing the two walls. Instead of the walls, we now have slots to allow for unique patterns that can be printed in a variety of colors. They slide into small grooves in each of the corners. The top prints separately and snaps onto the base. No supports are needed to print any of the required pieces. Enjoy!

  • Printing Machine: V3 KE
  • Selected materials: PLA+
  • Print settings: Settings: 0.2mm layer height, 15% infill, no supports, Gyroid infill and default parameters for all other settings.
  • Time spent on printing: 5 hrs
  • Description: a sleek cone-shaped 3D printed pot tailored for a succulent, accompanied by a cleverly designed base. The pot seamlessly slots into the base, serving not only as a secure holder but also as a smart water catch. The cone’s bottom is peppered with multiple drainage holes, ensuring your succulent’s roots stay happy. Meanwhile, the base features small lips on either side, efficiently containing all the water.
  • Provide relevant originality proof: Printables
  • Country/Region: Canada
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