Convert STL FILES to GCODE in order to print?

folks upfront, i am new at this … i do 3D modeling and design currently just new at this 3D printing.
Do i need to convert STL FILE to GCODE FILE in order to print to my new ENDER 3 S1 PRO?
I, when testing my new 3D PRINTER the SD card had 4 sample test prints available:
1- Enger logo 2- HANDLE 3- CAT 4- BUNNY i am test printing them out and it is doing a very nice job with PLA line supplied. but when i created a new 3D design model saved as a STL, put it on the SD card. and then put SD card in printer it would not see it. it only seen the 4 items that were originally on the SD card. any suggestions is appreciated… thanks.


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Yes you will… That what a slicer does. It takes the .stl file and converts it to a language the printer understands which is gcode. You can download Creality Print slicer here: :arrow_right: Creality Print