Cosa serve la modadlità root sulla K1

Vedo parlare della modalità root del firmware della k1, potreste spiegarmi cortesemente a cosa serve e se la si usa se potrebbe danneggiare la stampante da un uso improprio, e se esiste un tutorial per abilitare la funzione root, non sono un super esperto e non vorrei fare danni.

I see talk about the root mode of the K1 firmware, could you kindly explain to me what it is for and if you use it if it could damage the printer from improper use, and if there is a tutorial to enable the root function, I’m not a super expert and I wouldn’t want do damage.

The root function of the K1 series allows you to make modifications to the printers configuration files as well as make adjustments to the procedures the printer performs.

Rooting should only be done if you feel comfortable with the process and wish to make amendments to your configurations.

If you printer is behaving as you would expect then I would recommend not messing around with rooting as you can cause problems if you make a mistake.

In general the rooting procedure is very straightforward and there are guides that will walk you through the process along with how to make changes to the code etc as required.

Here is a guide which covers rooting and also the different features or changes you can make once rooted…

Installation Helper Script for Creality K1 Series