CR-10 SE Auto-Level Always Fails After the Update

After the 0.27 open-source update that introduced expert mode, my printer always fails to achieve the best results for auto-leveling. The z-offset is either too low or too high, and although I adjust expert mode manually, I cannot say the results are satisfactory. What is the point of manual leveling if a device is marketed as offering hands-free leveling? I’m not sure if this is a hardware issue, as the machine was functioning fine until the latest update.

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@CREALITY please release the source code of and so we can help troubleshoot what’s going on.

@fscar the auto Zoffset is known to be unreliable. I was not aware that it is even worse after v27. It’s the same as before on my printer.

In the meantime, this is what I do:

  • Only do the Zoffset update if really needed.
  • Place the paper , or in my case a 0.05 mm brass shim, under the bltouch probe just before the PROBE_CALIBRATE.
    That way I do not have to compensate for the thickness of the shim. I can take the nozzle down to actual 0.00
  • Measure the thickness of the single layer skirt around the part.
    Then do the final tuning in the Fluidd Web interface with the Zoffset buttons.
    I have not used the “Expert” mode manual Zoffset on the pad because it is only allowed during a print, for some bizarre reason.
  • Add a "bed mesh load profile default " in the slicer start gcode to make sure the mesh always loaded.
    There are some processes that unload the mesh , and I have a suspension it does not always get reloaded properly.


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Greetings. I bought my CR 10 SE today and noticed that when printing from Creality print over Wifi that the Z-offset would not be stable. It would either dig into the printing surface or would be too high. I have to start the print from the machine and choose calibration. I am on firmware

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I sent the gcode over wifi and start the print on machine, however, like you described, I have to adjust z-offset during print many times. I get a perfect first layer but after ten mins or so had to adjust z-offset again.

What slicer do you use? I am exprementing with rooting the printer so that I have full control over the printer settings

using creality print without root. i dont want to mess with something i dont know.