CR-10 SE autolevel fails

I just got a brand new CR-10 SE and after the first print (which failed) I keep getting errors key:3000 and key:2401.

The first self-check and calibration test before the first print worked out well. Then, in the second print, when the calibration test was performed I got error key:3000 followed by error key:2401. The Auto Leveling Probe keeps failing.

I upgraded the firmware, checked the wires and finally applied the factory reset, thinking it could be useful.

Wrong! Absolutely a bad decision

Now I can’t even print since the print fails the self-check due to the autoleveling test. The probe works in the first two or three positions and then fails to keep that position and gets the same two errors when it’s in the center.

What can I do? I can’t understand why a brand-new printer fails so fast without any information to solve it. The wiki site CR-10 SE | Creality Wiki don’t cover those errors

Evidence (1):

Evidence (2):

Evidence (3):

Hi @AldoTapia and welcome to the forums.

Have you checked that the voltage selection switch is in the correct position for your region? These issues are usually a result of the switch being in the wrong position.

Yes. It’s in the right position (230V)

Any Official Customer Service in this forum? I still can’t believe a printer fails this fast. Ender 3 didn’t fail this level while CR-10s Pro gave me issues, but this is another level of lack of information and failure without modifying any parameter

Sounds like the printer may have a fault or have been damaged in some way during shipping. I would advise reaching out to support as they will be more than happy to help you. The contact routes can be found here:

Creality Support


I contacted Creality technical service and after 1 1/2 months I got the replacement of the damaged piezoelectric ceramic piece and now the printer works again. If you face the same issue, probably is the same case, so contact support.

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