CR-10s extruder trouble

I have a CR-10s printer that was doing fine and now it isn’t. It appears that the extruder has stopped pushing out filament. I replaced the motor and upgraded the extruder top to the all metal version. Still nothing. I am wondering if it’s the driver, on the board, that may be at fault. I am not sure how to accurately test out the entire signal path to get to the bottom of this issue. I would just replace my motherboard with an upgrade but those Creality boards, for this machine, are drying up, as far as I can tell.

Does the extruder motor turn with no load? Does it easily stop if you try to hold the gear?
It’s usually never the motor itself that breaks. Could also be the wiring.

I replaced the motor with a new Creality direct replacement motor, just to be sure. This still did not fix the problem. I did a continuity check on the wiring and it checked ok. That made me think it must be on the motherboard but I am unsure how to check that.

Plug the X axis in the extruder motor port of the mainboard, go to the menu of the printer, move the extruder from there, does the X axis move? (Place it in the middle so that it does not crash in one of the sides and just select to move a few mm).
If it moves the driver is ok.

Thanks for the tip, I will try that when I get back to where the printer is