CR-10S-PRO-V1 issue when printing/leveling

Hello, I’m having a problem with my printer, where if i start printing something, the hot-end reaches the left corner of the bed it just punches the nozzle down into it, the sensor detects the bed however the hot-end still goes down.
I have tried manual leveling after every occurrence, but it still does it again.
There is a capacitive sensor on the printer (not BL-TOUCH) with firmware 1.70.1 from Creality cloud.
Any help would be appreciated.

So the light on top of the sensor changes and it recognizes it and still keeps going? As this is a Marlin printer maybe check the status of the endstop over the serial console. Trigger it with a piece of metal and see if the printer firmware recognizes it.

Yes, the light turns on and when i put something below the sensor the movement stops.

Sorry for my late reply.

How are your bottomclamps of the leadscrews are they still fastened/tightened, sometimes one of them get loose and then this can happen.

I dismantled my CR10 S pro V1 and have all the electronic parts in a box here.

Yes, all of the screws are tight.
I just installed a BLTouch kit and flashed the CR10-S PRO v2 firmware from creality cloud, on the screen and the mainboard using cura.
When i tap on the leveling menu it starts autohoming but the toolhead only goes up, and the probe on the sensor does not go down, and the light is only red.

If you had a CR10S Pro V1 the mainboard will be 2.4 but you need mainboard 2.5.2 for a CRS10Pro V2 and a new screen too.