CR-10S Pro V2 extrusion issue. I think...

Hi all! We recently bought a second printer, a CR-10S pro, and have had non-stop issues with it. We have it attached to the sonic pad but have made no other upgrades. We have it far more dialed in then we did when we first set it up but the last piece seams to have something to do with extrusion. It blobs at what seams almost at a regular interval. It also has started dropping about 4mm sized balls of what looks like burnt/over heated balls of filament. I have tried different settings for temp, print speed, retraction rate & speed, and flow rate. I can’t seem to find any support info or posts about this specifically. We have only tried printing on it with PLA and have made some upgrades. I took it all apart today and the nozzle and heating element are kinda a mess, Also the red coil (dont know the exact name for this part) that houses and connects the filament extrusion tube to the heating element has burnt filament running up the threads above and outside the top of the element. We have already replaced the nozzle twice as well.

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that brown blob (burned filament) now and then tells that your heatblock is leaking (at the top), take it apart, clean it and reinstall it. (fastening it tight).

The nozzle has to be tightened when you have heated it up to say 220 degree celsius.