CR-30 PrintMill

I have a CR-30 PrintMill, and have had some success with it. Not often used - how many long things need printing?
BUT now that it’s connected to the Sonic Pad using the serial cable I get intermittent errors where it says that I have to home first, or out of range and so on. I was wondering if anyone else out there was experiencing the same issues.
I will take better note of the error messages and post here instead of just sending the errors to Creality. My bad!
This is not bagging the Sonic Pad - it works really well with my Ender-5 Plus.

When you first set up the sonic pad was the CR-30 the stock option to choose…? Maybe try setting it up again… Just throwing out ideas here…

Initially it wasn’t there, but after one of the upgrades it appeared, with the option of USB or Serial. I had purchased 2 serial adaptors so I used serial. It worked fine with the SD card, and these issues seem to resolve themselves with a workflow of doing a manual home, selecting “Continue” at the “Out of Range” screen. This is after rebooting the pad and printer. Works best if I turn them both off, then turn on the printer followed by the pad. The other order an it just seems to continually error out.
The profile in the Sonic Pad may just need work, hopefully Creality (@Collin @CrealityStore) are onto it, but the PrintMill isn’t really a mainstream printer, so I do wonder how much of a priority it is.

Also at the end of the print I get a “Move out of range” error and the head stops moving at the end of it’s last move, still in contact with the print. Print head and bed maintain temperature until I clear the error and manually set it to cool.