CR-M$ X-Axis grinding and extruder will not feed or retreat


I purchased a new CR-M4 12 days ago, on day 1 everything was setup and the first test print began. it ran successfully for 60 minutes (the rabbit) and at the 90% mark the extruder jammed and stopped feeding filament. I dissambled the extruder but it was jammed tight and they sent me a new extruder. 11 days later it arrives in the mail (the print hasn’t been on since). I reassembled the extruder, tested manual feeding, everything looked good, but the x-axis was grinding. I adjusted the belt and adjusted the x-axis, the wheels have firm contact with the rail and if held the wheels will rotate with some tension if pushed, but it continues to grind. I have tried loosening it so the wheels are more free moving and tightening to just no movement, but the same grinding outcome results, there is no wobble in the extruder. I have checked that the x-axis motor connection is properly seated on the board and everything is firmly connected.

If I heat the hotend and feed 10mm the step motor will not engage, I cannot hear or see any movement. If I retreat 10mm I can hear it engage very briefly and it immediately stops and will not engage again unless I power cycle the printer (I see no movement at any point). If I manually feed filament, it comes out of the hotend at 0.4 with no issues.

Any help would be welcome, after 12 days and only 60 minutes of printing, I would really like to get some jobs under way.

For the x-axis grinding it’s very hard to guess where it comes from with text. The CR-M4 runs off v-wheels iirc, those have to be adjusted via the eccentric nut so that if you hold the axis with one hand and try to turn the wheel with a finger, it does not move freely (then it’s too loose) but you can make it slip if you use a bit of force, if you need a lot of force or it won’t slip at all it’s too tight.

With the extruder: If you push the lever and try to push through filament by hand when it’s heated up, does this work? Otherwise I would check the wiring again, since you changed the extruder already.

hi mate , you try connected the old one extruder ( only flat cable ) and make a test ? seems the problem is in extruder PCB ( on you connect the black flat cable ) . If works for 60min. and the problems appears after your extruder jammed ( it´s normal in this type of extruder ) , you need double check all of your connections and assembly. If you need pictures , tell me ( i have one of them printing over 1 year 24/24 ) .
hope i can help .
have a nice day.