CR-M4 wont home

I had this for about 4months when a print messed up. Now when It tries to home it doesn’t home on the Z axis. Just sits in the middle about 4 inches above the plate. The auto leveler doesn’t click in or out. Can’t print with this anymore. Did the usual unplug, reset, try to relevel, nothing. Any ideas?


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Sorry you’re having this problem…
First thing I would do is check all the electrical connections. They have been known to loosen up with all the vibrations. Some connectors are delicate so be careful as to not bend any pins… :cry:

Thanks for the quick response jimandyen. I Just checked connections and everything is good. I really think its in the auto leveler. It flashes but doesn’t extract or detract. Just flashes red.

On the auto lever try and pull very gently the probe that touches the bed when it auto levels. I’ve heard of problems where it sticks in the up position sometimes…

Looks like the pin is bent in the touch. Tried to straighten it and no good. I don’t know where to find a replacement yet. Thanks for the help.

Not sure if this is the exact part you need.
I checked a few sites to see if that part was available:

Ali Express

Got a replacement finally. It leveled and now it won’t print. It homes at the beginning like it’s going to print, then just sits there. The screen acts like it’s just printing away. Re-flashed it, and nothing. Any ideas?