CR Scan Ferret and notebook Lenovo ThinkPad

Hello! I tried to use Ferret with notebook Lenovo ThinkPad. Creality Scan software show me Ferret connected by USB 3.0. But when i try to begin scan i have no preview and “Invalid distance”. It’s ok when i use another PC (not notebook). Thanks for help.

Even if you wait a few seconds? Mine also takes 3 seconds or so to start showing everything.

Yes. Nothing happens.
I use WIndows 10. There are 3 CR-Scan Ferret devices in Device Manager (Depth, IR and RGB).
Using CAMERA allowed in Settings-Privacy-Camera. I tried to use FERRET like Web-CAMERA by built in Windows 10 application - “CAMERA”. It’s worked (i saw myself on notebook’s screen).
My notebook have two built in cameras. It is nothing for scanner?

Does scanner use CUDA? My notebook have only built in INTEL UHD graphics which have no CUDA’s units.