Cr touch install firmware for ender 3 pro

need help. i have installed the cr touch on my ender 3 pro. and need to install the new firmware. and that is the problem WHAT ONE . i have my sd card formatted as suggested. i have tracked down the board as a 4.4.2 also printer info says it is Marlin 2.0.80 and the Baud 115.200 board. can anyone help creality has passed me on to there warehouse so i’ll have to wait for an email. just impatient.

Hi @PMPRUSTY welcome to the forums!

The firmware for the Ender 3 Pro is available at the following link…

Ender-3 Pro Software & Firmware Download

There are 2 variants of the Ender 3 Pro mainboard, can you check the chips on the mainboard to see if they are labelled with STM or if they are labelled with GD?

which one is it. there is about 10 differant files. also you said mainboard. is that the file to download

If you take a look at at the mainboard in your printer near the version number should be a large black chip with lettering on it. If the chip has STM on it then you will need a different firmware than if it has GD on it. If you are not sure take a photo of your board and we can help you work out which firmware you will require from the website.

ok i’ll be back have to open it up again

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found it the chips starts with GD

Thats cool, the firmware file you will need is this one…

THANKS i downloaded it. so i copy it onto a reformatted sd card and insert it into the machine. OR do i need to adjust this file in any way

You’re welcome.

You would download the zip file and extract the contents, then rename the GD-Ender-3 ProHW4.2.2SW2.0.8.2CRTouchFilamentEuropeMulti.bin file to firmware.bin.

Then place the firmware.bin file onto an SD card that has been formatted as FAT32 with 4096 allocation size.

Insert the card into the printer and power on and the printer should update the firmware.

ok lets see if it works.

well i inserted the card now all the writing for each operation are in chinese

I’m not sure of the exact steps to change the language in the menus

ok i guess i cannot be that lucky. thanks for the help it is appciciated. i’ll see if i can find out if it is possible to change the language otherwize back to the drawing board .

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Glad to hear you were able to alter the language ok :slight_smile: happy printing! :slight_smile:

thanks again but i give up on this item. it is one problem after another. i’ll go back to the basic it is not worth he trouble. Creality should not have many variations on both firmware and methods to install. old school worked all the time

Hello, I have an Ender 3 Pro 4.2.2 STM
I need to know which firmware to download for the CRTouch could anyone help me out?