Cr touch newly installed

Just installed on my ender 3 v2, all working not sure if I have put correct code in Cura slicer ms something
Downloaded chep test print, just noticed a little loose on outer back and outer left the stripes are perfect
Auto home is now just right of centre of bed, is this normal ?

Enclose pics
Welcome any advice for a newbie to this

what firmware did you use. I am also a very new newbie

Hello, I used firmware from creality site, it’s all working now

Make sure you know what motherboard you have either a 4.2.2 or 4.2.7, I have 4.22
This is what I used

I used this but would not let me adjust the Z. Creality sent me another file and that worked fine. Thanks so much. But did you have to update the display and Mother board also

I would imagine the file they sent was to update the motherboard, look on YouTube, lots of vids how to do it