CR-X Pro mainboard usage

Hi I had a short on my creality CR-X mainboard and I went to replace it. The only thing I could find was a Creality V2.2 board but was wondering if it is compatible it looks very similar… In addition which firmware should I use on it. I managed to get to both a CR-X firmware page and a CR-X PRO page and got both sets of firmware. The CR-X I thought said V2 while the CR-X Pro said V1 but now I can not get back to the same download page so I am lost

Any Ideas??

Hi @tesseract,

I am not familiar with that printer or the mainboards but I can probably help you with locating the firmwares you need for each of the printers you mentioned.
Here is a link to the Creality firmwares page for the CR series of printers, you should find the CR-X and CR-X Pro both listed there…

CR Series Firmware Downloads

Hope that helps in some way.
Good luck and hope you get the printer back up and running soon!

Thanks, Nikoli

That is the page where I managed to get the two versions I mentioned but I also got the other firmware for the CR-X, the non BL-Touch version just in case. The funny thing is the non-pro versions were the only ones that mentioned a main board at the V2.2 level the CR-X Pro mentions V2.1. I got a V2.2 board for $20 but could not find the V2.1. or more precisely the V2.1.1 as it is stated on my actual board in my CR-X Pro. I was chatting with someone at Creality and they said the CR-X Pro was never tested with the V2.2 board which is weird because you would think a new printer would have a newer better board.

You’re very welcome @tesseract

It could be that Creality design the boards specifically for a particular printer and if the board happens to be compatible with others its more a bonus than a design target.

It could be that something was added on the V2.2 board that is not compatible with the other machine that relies on the V2.1.1 board. There have been times in the past where certain boards will only work with certain hardware (sensors, switches etc) so this may explain the discrepancy between the printers and their boards.

Also worth noting that sometimes boards with a higher version number might not be a newer or better board, it could just be that its a variant of the original board and on a different design path but with the same functionality as others.

I hope you manage to your printer back up and running soon!