CR10-SE Open-Source Updates!

We welcome and embrace the open-source community

CR10-SE Open Source and Firmware Update Announcement :space_invader:

V1.1.0.27 Firmware Version Update:

:wrench: Root access functionality

:mag: AI sensitivity adjustment feature

:arrow_up: New Z-axis offset adjustment

:briefcase: Expert Mode functionality

:thermometer: PID nozzle detection and PID heated bed detection

Find open-source guidance and optimization details for features and known bugs:

:books: Firmware Open Source | Creality Wiki

Explore GitHub warehouse source code and attachments:

:link: GitHub - CrealityOfficial/CR-10SE_Klipper

:link: GitHub - CrealityOfficial/CR-10SE_Annex

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Are you going to open source the code for binary files such as prtouchV2 and z_compensate or let us know how to ourselves so we can use the features on other hardware running klipper or even help get some of the issues sorted