CR10S Pro Stops Printing HELP!

Hi, new here, and hoping someone can help, ive waisted way too much time already.

So, here goes…

1). CR10S Pro 3 years old, historically prints fine. use mainly PLA.
2). Recent prints fail 30-50% through the print, filament stops coming through the nozzle
3) With advice, I purchased:

  • A NEW Spider Temp Hotend
  • NEW complete extruder plus gears
  • NEW PTFE tube
  • NEW Thermistor
  • NEW Heat Tube

4). for the sake of it, got a Toaiot Spring Steel Build Plate

Sadly, the print starts then clogs/stops printing!


Is the filament feeding properly when you push it through by hand when the extruder spring is pressed?
Re-check if the hotend and extruder are properly assembled (especially the heat break), nothing obstructs filament movement and if the extruder grabs the filament properly.
Then check the common issues that can cause clogs: Temperature, too high flow, too long retraction.

Hi, yes the filament pushes through by hand with ease, but the feed motor still stops and clicks!

I’ll check the options you suggest though, thank you…

Any other thoughts?