CR10SE hotend replacement & now auto lvl keeps bumping plate

As the title says
has anyone managed to replace their CR 10 SE hotend?
When i’m checking now it’s as if the screw’s are all just a tiny 2 mm short to be able to go in what i thin kis the normal position, the website/movies on creality support offer no insight, and truth be told, i forgot to take a photo on dismantling it.
But i can not find any information or even a photo of how it’s supossed to look, or, which could explain why the hell it seems it’s not using the same screwholes now.

Sorry sounds like a rant, but, i’m at a loss here

Whenever you replace a nozzle or hotend you must run through the leveling process from scratch. Not all hotends or nozzles are the exact precision size so leveling the bed after changing parts is a must.

I would love to with one exception, I have no manual levelling on the cr10se, it comes with the fully automatic one. Only thing there is the auto level, which has just scraped a nice gauge across the fep

Something seriously weirding me out as when I compare the images of the website (the few available for the 10SE) I can’t help but feel that the hotend/nozzle just isn’t quite right, it all seems to screw back together nicely but there seems to be a big difference in the height the nozzle is

Possible where ever you bought the new hot end kit they sent you not the correct replacement… ??? Just saying… :thinking:

Feel free to post some pictures of your printhead so that we can possibly see what the issue might be?

For some reason, mails weren’t comming in to notify about replies on the forums :frowning:
In meantime, it’s resolved guys, Creality have been nothing but super helpfull in this issue
we’re ending up changing hotend/heatsink combo.
The hotend in itself was the correct one, but, seemingly wasn’t fitting anymore how it should on the heatsink.
Worked around shortly but, we’re swapping both to ensure good fit

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Glad to hear you were able to work with Support to find a resolution! :slight_smile:

Good to hear:+1: