Creality 3 S1 plus bed leveling issues

Hi, I am very new to this and started using a S1 plus a week ago, initially I had no issues leveling the bed I have been printing every night with no issues, until Saturday night, where whatever I print won’t stick to the bed, I have cleaned the bed, leveled the bed so many times following as many videos as I can find, the bed seems level until i print then it just drags the pla everywhere. I have done manual leveling and automatic leveling both just don’t stick.

The nozzle is currently running at 200 and the bed at 60 using creality pla filament, I have slowed the print down to 50 and still the filament won’t stick, I am going to try glue next but I can’t see what has changed for this to stop working

The bed has been cleaned with isopropanol and I have used a fresh real of creality pla

Any help or tips on this will be very much appreciated as I have spent hours trying to get this working again.



Hi Phil

I do not have a S1 only a V3 SE, but have you checked the Z offset?
Look to your print settings and make small adjustments until the first layers stick.
After calibration my printer was at -2.05, I manually set the Z offset to -2.17 and all is well.
Worth a try, but small adjustments only otherwise your nozzle will be getting rather intimate with the bed.
Good Luck