Creality Cloud Slicing doesnt produce working result

Hi, im new to 3D Printing and so i browsed trough the Creality Cloud explorer and found some 3D Models i like to print.

Problem is the following:
Every time i slice a Model (except for one occasion) it “successfully” slices the Model.
But when i preview it, most of the time it shows the first few Layers successfully and then when its building up (after like 25 Layers) it just skippes to the end. (Sometimes the Model doesnt even load at all)

I still tried to print it, with no good result (it does the first few layers and then stopes extruding and behaves weird.

On one Modell it successfully sliced it (didn’t have the time to print it yet) and the testprints i have on the Printer print perfectly fine.

My Setup:
Ender-3 V3
Creatily HyperPLA (the one, that comes with the Printer)
Creality Cloud 3D - Android App (on Xiaomi 11T)

Did i do something wrong? I can upload screenshots and so on from the App if it helps.