CREALITY CR-10 Smart Pro printer

My new Creality CR-10 Smart Pro, has started to act strangely.
At first, it printed normally all the samples enclosed in the SD card.
In the last, it has stared to act strange. It starts with the two lines at the left side on the print bed and they looks normal. When the extruder move to the model area, it only produce small part of filament. It seem that the extruder is not extruding enough filament.
I do not know the reason for this. The printer behaved nice in the beginning, but suddenly no good print except for the first two lines.
I have changed the nozzle and cleaned the heater element, without any luck. The wheel is not turning on the exctruder or very little, not enough to fill the object line.
The bed is proper leveled and nor change has been done.
After consulting support, a new firmware was installed and a new slicer (Creality Print) was installed with no change in the printer problem.
I know that is not a problem with the slicer, since the same problem occurs when printing the old samples from Creality enclosed. These gecodes is still the same.
The printer is also designed with a RJ45 LAN port, but this is of no use unless the printer is connected to wifi, but this is an other issue. The excisting firmware is not designed for LAN use and is a missledge of this priinter. As normally, you must transfere ecode by SD card.

I think your printhead is too close on the printplate at the area where you print as result that no or to little filament can be put down at the plate. The lines at the side that are printing well means that the plate on that side is at the right height.

Thank you for the feedback.
I found that the extruder, for unknown reason, had reset to an old setting for filament extruding. The setting showed 103mm e-step, but when running this, it only produced 30mm filament. I gradually increaced the amount of e-step and ended up to 420mm e-step to achive 100mm. Still don’t know why, but the printer is working again :slight_smile: