Creality CR10 SE hotend blockage

I bough Creality CR10 SE a month ago. While my 3D printer was printing, I left it unattended for 40 minutes. When I returned, I found that the filament path was blocked and melted filament had completely wrapped around the hotend and cooled down. I followed a YouTube tutorial to carefully remove the filament by applying heat, but I noticed that the thermistor wire had come loose. I purchased a new miroSwiss hotend for creality cr10 se but haven’t used it yet, and I’m worried that this issue might happen again.

YouTube tutorial:

I upgraded my K1 Max to a flowtech hot end and never had an issue. Before doing that, it was clog city. I think you would be fine after the upgrade. Microswiss makes a really great hotend upgrade. Take the leap and good luck! :slight_smile:

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