Creality CR6 SE petg

I am having a problem printing PETG with my Creality CR6 SE. I set the nozzle temperature to 230C and the bed to 80C and the print begins fine but after a few minutes the printer switches itself off. I use Cura as my slicer and set the temp settings in the slicer.
Printing PLA at 195C and 60C works fine and I have checked that my voltage is set correctly. Please advise.

Does it show an error message? Did you run PID tuning? Just in case it’s some kind of thermal runaway issue that’s detected. Is the temperature stable?

Thank you for your reply. I have not seen an error message. Will pay more attention while running same task again and will get back to you.

Looking further into my issue I find no error message. Is there possiblly a log file I could investigate. “Print file detected for accidental stop”.
What happens is at a point in time while printing PETG the machine just switches off. If I switch it back on after waiting a little while(?cooling down time?) i am given the option to carry on printing where it left off. “Print file detected for accidental stop”.
The temperature while printing varies by only 1 C on both nozzle and bed.

BTW If I print the same STL with PLA at PLA temperatures, namely 195C and 60C I have no issues.

Hard to debug that, could be a bad power supply. If you have a multimeter or even better an oscilloscope you could check if the output voltage drops siginificantly below 24V under the higher load. Could also be an overheating issue somewhere.