Creality Ender 3 s1 issue printing ABS

Hi all, its my first time printing ABS, and well aparently i ve set up Ultimate cura for the restrain ABS can have due to temperature, but still, the piece came wrong. Im sending some pics as reference. What kind of set up would be best to print this piece which is around 10cms height x 5cms width, and filling is aroung 70-90% ?
Thank you for the help.

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Is it in a heated cabinet with the cooling fan off? Not tried printing ABS but that seems to be the concensus on printing ABS.

Next time perhaps try ASA, better layer adhesion and mechanically similar to ABS and UV resilient.

Fan is off, and i dont have a heated cabinet, i closed the door/window and tried to mantain the same temperature in the room, but still, it came the way it came… It must be maybe also adjusting settings im not sure

You need a sealed environment for ABS. Best will in the world you will get temperature fluctuations and drafts.

Actually I dont really need to use ABS, I need to print pieces with a material that can handle hot steam from a clothes iron, do you think ASA is good material for that? I tried ABS but for small pieces I can handle, but the moment im making bigger than 5 cms the temperature is not the same all over the piece, and specially with long printing timings.

Similar material properties but UV resilience, still needs an enclosure. What about PP, kettles are made of polypropylene, but again you really need an enclosure. These materials don’t like draughts/drafts or temperature fluctuations. I shall probably get an enclosure as I think I want to be printing Nylon with carbon fibre

then i ll have to get the enclosure, i need to print in that kind of materials. Set up of cura i think i had ok