Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro - Askew Mounted Heater Block

Dear Creality Community,

I have just purchased “Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro” printer. While mounting the extruder assembly to the frame I noticed that the Heater Block is mounted askew on the bottom plate of the extruder assembly. Please see photos attached.

I would appreciate if you could advise me on this topic. Will this trigger any problems while printing or calibration? Is it serious issue in general? Should I demand the replacement from manufacturer?

Thank you very much,

As I’ve read about this in other forums you should carefully check the screws holding it on and see if anything is bent. Loosen it if possible to straighten.

Is the nozzle perpendicular to the bed. (Not slanted) ?
How about the Z axis. Is it the correct distance from the bed…?

You should not really run into any issues but if you want to straighten it remove the black silicone sock and you will see 2 small screws that you can adjust to straighten up the block. Be very gentle though as the screws are thin and very delicate. Remember to reinstall the black silicone sock afterwards.

Hi Jim, Nikoli,

Thank you very much for your advices.
I unscrewed two screws you pointed and also I had to loosen the third one holding heat break. Only after that the heater became loose and I could align it properly.

Now it seems OK, better than factory assembly :slightly_smiling_face:

Sadly, I must admit that $500 price tag is far below the guaranteed quality threshold nowadays.

Thank you very much again,

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Glad you could join the forum and get it fixed… Welcome…!! :+1:

Let us know how it’s printing. Maybe do some calibration tests on it and see how it’s working… :star_struck:

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As Jim said… glad you were able to resolve the issue. It most likely got knocked out of position during shipment.