Creality Ender 3 SE or Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro

Hi everyone, I have a desition to make. I want to buy a new creality printer. The thing is were I live (Argentina), the creality ender 3 SE and the creality ender S1 pro have a very similar price.
So I’m between this two, the new speedy machine or an fast and confiable S1pro with his 2 motors in z axis?

I’d love to hear your opinions about it. Which do you consider a smart buy ?

Thanks in Advace.

Is the V3 KE within your budget? I would be looking at that, mostly because of the network connection and Klipper. I have an SE too but until I connected it to a Sonic Pad it was a little slow and, without the network connectivity, a little outdated. S1 Pro, bed springs, you either love them or hate them, higher temp like the KE, network connection beats SD card by a country mile.

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I have both the Ender 3 V3 SE and the Ender 3 V3 KE printers. No experience with the older Ender series. I started with the SE and love it’s simplicity of use and it produces consistent great print quality at moderate speed! Perfect “Starter” machine. It has full remote networking facilities via free Octoprint software running on a Pi4 mini cpu.
I find the “KE” whilst a faster printer, it has issues with consistent print quality unless you slow it down. I believe Creality has taken it’s speed a little too fast for it’s relatively “lightweight” physical construction so I have to "tame it down somewhat if I want to produce great print quality!
Just my thoughts and experience for what it’s worth.
Cheers , Spacetrakker

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Thanks to share your experience, and advice. I’ll take on mind the KE.

Thanks John for your advice and experience.