Creality Ender 3 V2 Neo Slicer software

Seven months ago I purchased an Ender 3 V2 Neo (E3V2N) to complete a project then discovered the splicer I used (Repetier-Host) did not support my new printer. I tried UltraMaker Cura but again, no support for E3V2N. I downloaded and installed Creality Print, again, no support for E3V2N and finally installed Creality Slicer which did not have support but when upgraded did support the E3V2N. Printing rabbits and boats while making Youtube adjustments I finally got my project done.
I decided to ‘upgrade’ the E3V2N to support Klipper, first stop a new drawer to hold the hardware, after trying to print a drawer without realizing it needed support enabled I now have a large collection of rabbits but of course they printed without issues… I did get the drawer printed just to discover it was not for a E3V2N. I finally found a E3V2N drawer, sliced it with supports enabled and 35 hours later I had a drawer with supports that are part of the drawer or in English, useless. Seems I have to use Tree supports… Using Creality Slice another 13 hours or Cura (home hacked profile) 17 hours. Either way it is not acceptable, I ordered a K1 which appears to be supported by Orca slicer, Creality Print (which I will not use, no tree support) and maybe UltraMaker Cura slicer


Creality: Please add printer profiles for the current slicers, other vendors have.
And thank you for Klipper Open Source on the K1

Sorry to hear you have been having print issues.

I am not sure if you are aware but there are actually profiles built into many of the slicers for your printer…

Creality Print:

Creality Slicer:

Creality have no control over what profiles appear in Cura or other slicers as they do not own or control those slicers.

You could contact the developers and ask them to add it but generally most people use the Ender 3 V2 profile and just add G29 under the G28 line in the start gcode to activate the bed leveling probe.

Also just to clarify in case you were not aware… there are tree supports available in Creality Print:

Yep, my learning curve has been slow and long. I found the ‘Advanced’ slider and the different support structures in Creality Print and have been using Creality Print since. The sad news is the Ender 3 V2 Neo is now collecting dust in my pet rock farm, the K1 is simply amazing.

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