Creality Ender 3 V3 screen bricked

Hi. My printer is Ender 3 V3. I rooted and used the helper script for customize. I installed the Guppy Screen which is not worked properly and i tired to remove. Unfortunately now the screen is show the creality logo all the time and ssh login is not working. Tired 2 different computer to connect by ssh. Printer reboots not helped. The printer is working fine except the screen. How can i reset to factory settings or reinstall the firmware without the screen? I found the Creality firmware-recovery-tool but i cant find driver for ender 3 V3. Can i get a help. Regards, Balazs

Hello @baliboy79 …! :wave:

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Sorry this happened…

The only suggestion I would have at this point is to maybe try to unplug the machine and let it set for a few minutes.
Plug it back in and see… You never know…

Yes i tired. The printer was unpluged more that 20minutes. not helped :frowning:

can you reflash the firmware, i havent got one but i assume like the KE there is a way to flash via usb and they have firmware files on the site for the V3

Hi. Do you know how can flash the printer without the screen? I copied it the last firmware to the usb stick but nothing happend after the printer boot. I think need comfirm the install on the screen.