Creality Ender S1 Pro nozzle scraping

I had my share of problems with this printer. From creality somehow messing with the gcodes and having to allways leveling the thing to adjusting the bed and the extruder not coming even close to the bed when printing (after adjusting the thing) and now I have a new and interesting problem. Even if there are other topics regarding nozzle scraping i did not find one that is similar to mine (or at least I did not see it ). Mine does not scrape the infill ( had it and activated z hop and it fixed it), does not scrape off the model ( I use brim and 70deg plate ) but is an interesting one and I hope someone can lend a hand. I have made small thing so far and did not see this issue until a couple of days ago when printing a lithography box. After a couple of hours the heigh was about 10cm high I started hearing it scrape one of the pillars. Ok no problem adjust z. After about 10 min again scraping and adjust z. After another 10 min I stoped the print because I was getting annoyed. I said ok might be something out of level. Check bed, check x axis if is at the same level on both ends nothing out of order. Ched if both ends move atr the same speed and level. Everithing is ok. I thought it had to do with the z axis I postponed troubleshooting but … last night I printed a gadget, 12h bild. The highest part is 1.5cm. After about 2h I start hearing a scrping noise I look at the nozzel and it is scraping, adjust the Z and it went away only to come back after about 30 mins … from -4.0 i adjusted in the end to -3.70 adjustments in 12h … So from what I understand this is not a height. Did anyone have this problem ? It is not normal to have to allways adjust the damn z.
I use cura, creality cr-pla filaments , 70deg initial plate temp after that 60deg, 210 deg, usually 100mm/s (issue appears at all speeds), from SD ( last time I connected the printer to the pc i was using creality program and somehow when printing the extruder did not want to come close to the plate after adjustment )., infill doe not make a difference, z hop does not make a difference.
*Not a native english speaker.