Creality Ender3 v2 NEO

Does anyone know why my display screen shows Creality Logo and constellation but does not go on to load the settings, I cant use it at the moment .
Is there a fix for this ??


Plug in the card and turn on, and there is a txt file in the card (GD4.22 motherboards only have this problem)


  1. format the memory card and reflash the firmware.
  2. Try booting up and then inserting the memory card.
    3.Memory card only put Gcode file, don’t put other format file.

how do I reflash the firmware ,I have downloaded the files and formatted my memory card put the files on the memory card there is a PNG file and a BIN file in the folder do I just put the card in the printer and turn it on??

Yes, it is.(Buggy motherboard, need to flash firmware) :grinning:

Fixed the problem I bought a SonicPad and use that now.