Creality EU shipping - total waste of money and time

I’ve been using Creality items with my small business from day one- I’ve spent about 7k on Creality brand items since May of 2022. I decided to buy a Falcon 7.5W laser engraver to expand my productline. Unfortunately Creality EU uses BRT shipping, which has unbelievably bad reviews. They’ve delayed the shipping every day and their tracking shows the package is in town - literally less than 30 minutes away. They won’t allow me to pick it up and every day it shows out for delivery then it doesn’t arrive and is rescheduled for the next day - again and again. They have literally the worst reviews ever.

I’ve contacted Creality more than once and they’ve passed the buck every time. I’m so disappointed that Creality continues to use BRT when they are aware of the problem. Many buyers never receive their purchases, including people who rely on shippers for delivering medication.

Glad we dont have them here in the UK, we have Hermes/Evri, equally bad. Delivery drivers are great (not) had one throw a pizza stone over a 2 metre fence.

Where did you order? ? ?
These are the two official stores, there are also lots of resellers, some with Creality in the name.