Creality Falcon 2 Pro 22W: Incorrectly Oriented Rail on Left Side Panel

I reccently purchased a Falcon2 Pro 22W and it came with manufacturing defect. The issue pertains to the left side (machine facing towards me) of the main body where the acrylic panel which houses the exhaust fan is to be attached (board A as per the product manual). The panel cannot be properly attached to the main body of the machine due to the absence of the necessary screw holes. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the rail on the left side, where the screws are supposed to be inserted to attach the board A, is identical to the right side. As a result, the direction of the screws is inward instead of outward, contrary to what is required for the left side.

Left side image:

Right side image:

I’m wondering if anyone else faced a similar issue. I have reached out to creality support, they have created a ticket and have asked me wait for 48-72 hrs for a response. Hoping to get a replacement part ASAP.

Well, yes it should have holes there, I just checked on mine.
If they have confirmed that they shipped a replacement part (not before) I would mark the places where holes should be and drill them myself to use it until the real part arrives.