Creality Falcon Laser 10W firmware

Hi Folks,
Recently bought a Creality Falcon Laser 10W in September, 2023. Couple noobie questions:

  1. User manual states that first thing you should do is download latest firmware and apply it. There is only one firmware version on website (3.0.24), dated 28-Oct-22. Is there anyway to check the firmware version that is currently installed on the Falcon I just bought in September, 2023 to see if a firmware update is necessary? Wouldn’t this recently purchased unit have this version of the software since it is the only version available?
  2. What is the max type and size (capacity) of a microSD card that can be used with the machine? Is a class 10 32GB microSDHC card OK?

Thanks in advance for helping me out.

I don’t know anything about this laser but I’ve been watching videos to learn more about it. Maybe some will help to answer our questions. :upside_down_face:

Creality Falcon Laser 10W Your Tube Review

Update: I’ve done some experimenting and I believe I can now answer my own questions as well as provide some additional info for new users like myself:

  1. Evidently there is no way to obtain the current firmware version installed on the Falcon 10w. I just started my tutorial in Lightburn, and there may be a command one can issue to the board from the console to get the firmware version, but as yet I haven’t found it. In any regard, I followed the instructions to update the firmware by placing the downloaded CV-30-Firmware_V3.0.24.bin as the only file in the root directory of the microSD card, inserting the card in the Falcon, and then turning on the Falcon. Falcon started, beeped three times and then the start button light started its slow on/off pulse. As far as I can tell, this behavior meant that the firmware on the machine was already at the 3.0.24 version.

  2. I placed the eagle gcode file onto a new 32 GB microSD card, inserted into the slot on the Falcon, and then turned the Falcon on. Worked as expected: Falcon laser initiated and the start button began to pulse. Pushed the start button once and the laser highlighted the outline of the burn area. I adjusted the position of the honeycomb and aluminum panel that the sample basswood was placed on. Pushed the start button again and the laser cut the eagle pattern.

Additional Info:

  1. I was successful in getting Laserburn to scan for and recognize the Falcon. That seems to confirm that the Falcon’s firmware was delivered with the 3.0.24 firmware. How did I reach that conclusion? The notes on the 3.0.24 firmware list the fact that this version added the necessary code to allow the Falcon to respond to Lightburn’s device scan. I’m also of the opinion that this validates the theory that the Falcon will just beep three times and then be at a ready status if a firmware update is attempted using the same version already installed on the Falcon.
  2. When Lightburn scanned and recognized the Falcon it stated what controller board it found. The board it told me my unit has is GRBL-M3 ( 1.1e or earlier).

Hopefully you’ll find the above useful.

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Very useful info thanks Brucek, just experimenting with the 22 myself, YouTube has become my best friend, any info posted here on the laser engravers would be welcomed, Thanks again and goodluck with these great machines :+1: