Creality k1 error key:502 motherboard fan

I’ve received my k1 yesterday and I’m getting error key:502 as soon as I start to print, the mb fan isn’t spinning, but it’s moving freely. Also tried to disconnect and connect, updated the firmware from to, then to 1.3.28, and nothing solves the issue.

I usually ask if you did a factory reset.
Assuming you did, can you check the connection path?
Do you have access to a multimeter or a power supply to see if the fan is:
A) Getting juice B) getting enough power C) Fried
I keep a lot of spare parts and such for testing out of necessity.

If you find a solution, please let us know.

If there’s anything you need to know, one of us here can probably help!

I also have this error on my k1, and when trying to update the firmware I got stuck in the self-inspection part, as the printer cannot locate the cooler. Creality sent me a replacement cooler but the error persists. If anyone can help I would be grateful