Creality K1 Filament types

My name is Jim Davies (jimcad)
I just joined the forum. Could I ask for some help please?
I’m trying to find which filament types are compatible with the K1. Not the C or Max.
I keep finding contradicting answers to this and it’s driving me crazy. I thought the K1 could use about 4 different types but not the Carbon or abrasive types.
Creality web site seems to be saying that it’s compatible with: ABS, PLA, PETG, PET, TPU, PA, ABS, ASA, PC, PLA-CF, PA-CF, PET-CF
Can someone tell me if this is correct please? I thought it was only the C & the Max that could use all of those?
Excuse my lack of knowledge as I have an old Davinci AIO at home and was asked to get a K1 going. (Their CAD guy left and no one could run it)
I’m so impressed with it that I’m thinking of buying one. (Don’t tell my wife or my life could get much shorter)
Thanks in advance.

300°C nozzle it should print all of those though I don’t know if it has a hardened steel nozzle for the Carbon fibre filaments. I wouldn’t tell the wife either, mine are all in the shed, my shed my rules, to put her off the scent I will just buy another guitar.

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Hello @Jimcad and Welcome to the Creality Forum Creality

You are correct sir.

The K1 is compatible and able to run those filaments and as @Bonfireman stated the nozzle heats up to 300°C.
The K1 comes stock with a brass nozzle but to run some of the more abrasive filaments like wood, carbon fiber, glow in the dark (strontium aluminate) and others with additives you would need a steel nozzle that doesn’t wear out quite so fast.

You can use a brass for some of the abrasive but the quality of your print will quickly worsen as it wears ourt.

Getting your wife to come over to the dark side of your 3D printing hobby will be another challange but maybe after seeing it is actually a useful tool for making things she might like… :clinking_glasses:

Thank you Mr. Bonfire.

Thank you Jimandyen. I see you have the K1 Max. Are you happy with it? I’m just learning the Creality print software which seems very good. I just printed some parts with only minor changes to the supports. I was just amazed at how good the K1 is compared to my 2016 Davinci.
Thanks again for the help both of you.