Creality K1 Jammed Extruder (disassembly issue)

Hey so i have a Creality K1, and it was jammed this is the second time im disassembling the Creality K1 and previously im following this yt video ( ) and it works but now the second time i did the samething but unable to took the motor extruder out (in the video it was at 0:44). anyone got any idea on why i cant took the motor out?

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It looks like part of the filament is stuck in the hot end and the extruder. Maybe heat the nozzle to 240°C or so and then try to pull the extruder out.

Why do you think it is jamming…?
Tell us what filament you are printing and temps…

This actually worked for my K1 Max. This is my second Creality printer. I came from All Makerbots , Flash Forge, and Qidi etc, The extruders on All the aforementioned printers are very simple to remove completely and work on them. Both of my crealitys are a nightmare so far.