Creality K1 Max stop extruding mid print

Since 2 days I have this problem:
after the first layer printed, or after 20 minutes printing the nozzle stops extruding, machine doesn’t give any error, just continue printing “on the air”.

Are you hearing a clicking noise from the extruder while it’s trying to print…?

Well, no because after first layer I leave the room where the printer is, I hear those clicks when, after, I do the extrude test to understand what is going on

What filament are you using…?


Nozzle temp 225
Bed Temp 65
Nozzle size 0.4
Chamber Default from machine

Watch the chamber temp during a print… Is it over 35°C or higher…?

Things to check:

Chamber temp gets too high with cover on. Maybe over 35°C the PLA filament gets too soft for the gears to push so the extruder will clog. Keep the cover off when printing PLA. (See note on cover)

When this happens there will not show an error… It will just keep trying to print.

Ok, I will try that, thank you!