Creality K1 missing items

Hi everyone. I’m from Brazil and I’ve bought a Creality K1 on pre-sales, that I[ve waited for weeks and received las week. After I’ve unpacked it, there were 2 missing slots in the tool kit. I’ve taken a look at the manual, and it says that should be a glue stick (it has a bed that says that glue should be applied) and grease.

I’ve contacted the seller about it as soon as I’ve set-up the printer. Today, they’ve told me that those items doesn’t come with the printer, and that those items doesn’t appear in the Brazilian manual.

Is that the kind of difference that creality does about their customers? Some receive that items, and some don’t?

Is not about the value of the items, but about respect. I’ve paid a lot of money for this printer, and didn’t like to be treated like this.

Hi there.

I‘ve received the clue stick and the greese a few days after the printer.
It seems that they ship it seperately…

Greetings from Germany


Hi Thomas. I’ve bought mine from a local reseller, and they’ve told me they were going to open a ticket with Creality, but no answer so far. I don’t care very much about these items anyway.

Hello Jthomeo,
Maybe write to Creality directly about this issue naming the reseller. It might bring up other customers with the same problem with this reseller who is removing those items…
try email them:

I’ll try. I’m just waiting to solve with them other more important issues. I wish I didn’t have so many issues with a new printer.

I understand completely. Have a K1 Max with issues too… :upside_down_face: