Creality K1 spaghetti

hi, I am not sure of what is wrong, I am printing a poop box for my A1 Bambu Lab printer that would be delivered this week, I am printing this on my Creality K1, I have been using rapid PLA from Elegoo and wood filament from Geeetech, the printing is going smooth and perfect for the bottom layer and 2 more layers after that, then after that a mess starts, spaghetti printing everywhere and the print fails, I have washed the plate with soap, put adhesive, I re calibrate it the printer and still is doing it, before yesterday everything was fine, is there any advise on how to deal with this, I also increased the bed temp by 5deg so is now set at 50deg, the nozzle temp 220deg, I am printing at 300mm/s, first layer 60mm/s, thanks

hi, this is an update, I have reset the printer, washed the plate again with hot water and soap, put adhesive on the plate, slowed down the printing to 180mm/s and 60mm/s the first layer, the printer does it beautiful first 3 layers and then spaghetti, I have attached some videos, thanks
my temp settings are 220 x 45 deg - PLA, also put the aux fan slow a bit, input shape the printer and still the same issue, I this that I cannot be the nozzle as 3 layers get printed very well, thanks

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Only thing I can think of first off is to make sure the filament is dry. Use another roll and print out something to test and see if that’s the issue…

What slicer are you using…?

hi, I have used 2 different filament brands, both PLA, from Elegoo and from Geeetech, I am using the Creality slicer latest version, thanks a lot

The latest version of Creality Print has been known to cause problems.

Maybe download the 4.xx version and try it. You can run both versions on the PC. I have both but mostly use 4.xx until 5.xx is stable… :+1:

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