Creality K1C - Clicking Noises and No Extrusion

Hello everyone,

I’m having an issue with my Creality K1C 3D printer and hope someone can help.

Problem: My printer suddenly stopped printing and is now making clicking noises without extruding any filament.

What I’ve done so far:

  1. Retracted the filament and removed it after opening the clamp (it was very difficult).
  2. Cleaned the nozzle with the provided needle and pushed out the remaining filament from the extruder (a lot came out).
  3. Reassembled everything, inserted the filament, and closed the clamp - the problem persisted.
  4. Disassembled the entire extruder (as shown in the Creality YouTube video and found no residues.
  5. Noticed that the gears do not always turn smoothly; at one point, they turn a bit harder, but I couldn’t find any reason.
  6. Carefully blew everything out and reassembled - clicking noises remain, and no extrusion occurs.
  7. Replaced the nozzle/heat end as well.

Before the issue occurred, I was printing with ABS using Creality Print 5.0 and the recommended settings for Generic ABS. After that, I printed with PLA, which started normally until the print stopped after about 15 minutes and the problem began.

Could the ABS be causing this issue? Do I need a new extruder, or is there anything else I can try?

Thanks for any tips!


The clamp should open easy, is it in the correct (left) position for printing ?

My guess would be the ABS filament you’re using.

I’ve had this too, with very old (damp) PLA
The extruder had no control over this, which is why I also got that clicking sound.

Try it with different filament if the clamp is in the correct position.

Haven’t opened my extruder yet, so i can’t tell you how easy the gears should turn. (i’m relative new in 3d printing)

I have the same issue, i started printing with some prusament galaxy silver pla, 30 mins in and the printer is running but no extrusion. taking out the filament was a no-go so i cut it with pliers, then i had no idea how to take the rest out. i saw scratch 3dprinting’s video about the clicking sound and did what he did- i heated the nozzle, heated the pin that came with the printer with a lighter and stuck it in the extruder. it felt like it was melting something and it thought it was the filament, but my opinion changed after a full hour of repeating the process. now the printer is laying around for like 2 weeks and i cant figure anything out. there is a local 3d printer repair shop but i lost warranty due to removing the sticker on the voltage switch thing(i just wanted to check if the set voltage is correct :triumph:) try sticking the hot pin in the extruder(at your own risk), it didnt work for me, but it may work for you…

Hey, I managed to repair my k1C. I disassembled the extruder 3 times and then I found a very small black piece of whatever sticking in the case which was causing the fault. I reassembled everything and after an 2nd no extrusion for whatever reason problem and a de- and reassemble of the extruder it’s now working again for many hours.

I guess I am part of this club then too. My K1C plugged up and they told me to run a hot poker through it. I buggered the Bowden tube clamp, but it got the jam out. I replaced the clamp with a screw in style and it self-threaded itself into the extruder. I have had to disassemble now a few times and no more hot poker. I cut notches in the screw holes of the fan shroud, so I just loosen the 2 screws and pull it off. That just makes it easier to get the silicon sock off the hot end and nozzle. I just pull and twist the sock off if I am just going to change nozzles.
The best thing I have done to combat this is to run the cleaning filament when I change filament. Run the nozzle temp up to higher than what you were printing at and extrude about 3 times. It is especially important to do this when you change to a different type of filament.
I also made one of the lid risers and the direct shot for the Bowden tube in back. This give the filament fewer bends and keeps the lid from being knocked off.