Creality Laser Module 5W

Just wondering if the Creality Laser Module 5W will fit my ender 3 v3 se or will the Ender-3 3D Printer work with it

The Ender 3 V3 SE is not currently listed by Creality as a compatible printer but the Ender 3 is :slight_smile:

Here is the complete list of compatible printers for the 10W/5W/1.6W Laser Module stated by Creality:
Ender-2 pro、Ender-3、Ender-3 pro、Ender-3 neo、Ender-3 max neo、Ender-3 V2、Ender-3 V2 neo、CR-10、CR-10 mini、CR-10S、CR20、CR20 Pro、Ender-3S、DISWAY-01、Ender-2

Hope that helps.