Creality Logo Light

Printing Machine: Ender 3 Neo, with a Sonic Pad.

Selected materials: White Hyper PLA, 12 V COB led green, COB, 12V AC power supply, glue (I used 3D Gloop)

Print settings: Settings: 0.2mm layer height, 5 walls, Zero bottom layer, 0 infill. Go a bit slower than usual, I printed it with a max 150 mm/s, I used tree supports. I made all angles printable without infill, but you will need good cooling my Neo just managed to make it work, but with a bit of noticable defects, more walls help. Print two of the same files and glue them together

Time spent on printing: 3 days designing (I’m bad with Blender) two days printing. Assembly is about 5 minutes.

Description: I turned the new Creality logo into a 3D lamp. It’s simple yet really neat looking in the light

Country/Region: US