Creality New Logo Box 🧰

  • Printing Machine: Creality Cr-10 Smart Pro with Sonic Pad & K1
  • Selected materials: PLA, I used White, Black and Silk Green
  • Print settings: Standard settings, 3 walls for the hinges and latches with no supports at any part
  • Time spent on printing: On a day with both printers I had all pieces printed
  • Description: Meet the revamped Creality Box, now adorned with Creality’s newly unveiled logo, futuristic and stylish. This 3D printable model is your perfect companion to express your admiration for Creality, a pioneer in the realm of 3D printers and accessories. The box is innovative, enhanced with the modernized Creality logo gracing its lid and a nine-compartment base to neatly house your tools and gadgets.The box isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality too. With handles and a latch, accessibility and portability are at their peak. Compatibility is also key - this box seamlessly aligns with all compartiment models of the Tool Box Base I’ve designed, offering you the liberty to mix and match bases for a personalized touch.
    In sync with Creality’s five core values set to redefine its essence in 2024 - Usable, Smart, Affordable, Versatile, Enjoyable - this box is not just a storage unit but an experience. It’s easy to print using any 3D printer and filament; choose colors that resonate with you or even mirror the aesthetic of your Creality printer.
    For assembly you will need M3 screws or rods. I used 30mm length for the back and front holes and 40mm lenght for the handle. Buyed this ones: M3 Screws
    Embrace this new chapter alongside Creality; download the updated Creality Box today! “IMAGINE IT, MAKE IT!” echoes our sentiment as we step into this exciting future adorned with a fresh look that encapsulates innovation at its finest.
  • Provide relevant originality proof: Creality New Logo Box | Creality Cloud
  • Country/Region: Catalonia / Spain

Nice. I like the new cover with the Logo…

Will the new style cover fit on the earlier version of the box or do I need to print the box again also…?? :+1:

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It’s compatible with all boxes designed before. I will post some variations bases on Creality Cloud too if you want to wait and create a full new box! :hugs:

After seeing so wonderful makes of my Creality New Logo Box I printed mine for the Creality 10th Anniversary Blessing Video.
This is the printing and assembly video I made


Didn’t have green only blue to hand printed two one with the squares inside to hold spares for the printer popped some of the packing foam into the lid to secure the box so the nozzles etc won’t come out. And one for the rest of the printer tools.

Printed some small rods while I wait for the metal ones to arrive

Hi! Nice! Love that colors :hugs:
I designed these trays to fit inside the bases with compartments to secure the stuff and tranform the lid into storage space Modular ToolBox Dual-Slot Organizer Horizontal - 3D model by frikarte3D on Thangs

Firing up the printer :rofl:

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