Creality Print 5.0 - wrong printing time

Hello, I have a K1C printer. Newest firmware. I started using Creality Print 5 instead of version 4. The time it takes to print is inaccurate. I use standard settings for 0.08 mm (I only changed the layer height to 0.1 mm). On the attached example. The printout should come out in less than 2 hours. After the required time has elapsed, the printing time is extended. What is wrong? I didn’t have this problem on version 4.3.8 when printing 0.1 mm layers.

Another test. A model from the “Test model” menu named Cylinder. Slicer 5.0 on the standard setting of 0.16 mm layer says 17 min. Code sent to K1C, printing time 20 min. The code is sent incorrectly or the printer software needs to be updated and improved. Please someone check this too. This problem does not occur on slicer version 4.3.

My mistake. Version 4.3 has the same problem with a significant increase in printing time. The problem started after updating the printer software (K1C) to the newer version Before this, on version everything was fine.

Small update:

I did some tests.

Everything is fine on Slicer Orca 2.1.0. The time given is consistent with the printing time on my K1C. In fact, it is slightly longer than Clearity Print 5.0, but it is 100% correct.

So there is something wrong with Clearity Print 5 being used for K1C. I think so because I don’t have any answer to this problem.