Creality Print 5 slicer bug

Slicer is misbehaving. What slicer 4.x can slice without problems, 5.0 is messing up.

First is the 5.0 slicer, last is 4.x slicer.

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hi mate , share .stl for make a test and send back feedback . Seams to be a slicing adjust paramenter/ method .

I don’t see an option to attach stl files anywhere…

you can try sharing by google drive .
it´s an example.

Another fail, a simple box that should not have a cover on top.

stl file: box matrix.stl - Google Drive

hi mate , analyzing your .stl and you are 4 edges with errors . I fix it .

[Box Repaired]


The creality Print 5 is missing some of the usefully features from Orca Slicer or PrusaSlicer and the option to Fix Models it´s one of the most important for me.

Good Day :slight_smile:

Thanks. I also managed to fix my other models so now they slice properly.

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