Creality Print and Sonic Pad

I have a Sonic Pad with an Ender 5 plus and an Ender 3 V3 SE connected, I can connect to the Sonic Pad through a browser no problem. Creality Print can see Sonic Pad and the printers printers when I do auto scan but it will not add them. Manually tried to add them and it still won’t add them. Am I missing something or is it a bug in Creality print? I have an Ender 3 V3 KE at home and that connects to Creality print, but is connected to a Nebula pad not a Sonic Pad. Any thoughts? Tried raising it with support but as usual all quiet on the western front.

Hi @Bonfireman and welcome to the forums.

I have not had a chance to play with the Sonic Pad as yet but it sounds to me that the slicer is only able to communicate with the Pad itself and not the printers attached to the Pad. This could be deliberate or could be an oversight in the software/firmware.

Support have been inundated with support requests lately so bare with them and they should get back to you soon. I have been told that the live chat via the Creality app or their Facebook support pages are usually the quickest for responses.

Good luck and hope you find a fix :slight_smile:

Creality Print can see the Pad and the 2 printers attached to it but can’t connect to any of them, pad or printers. Updated to the latest Sonic Pad firmware, that seems to have dropped today, and no difference there. Thankfully drag and dropping files to the web browser works just fine, so a bit of a workaround.

That’s very strange indeed. I am glad you have managed to find a workaround for now.

I do have a Sonic Pad due to be delivered soon so should hopefully be able to investigate further once it arrives.

Have noted a small thing. If you are in the web browser for the Sonic Pad you can drag and drop gcode files to the browser and then print. From the Creality Print “browser” page you can’t drag/drop, you have to click the import button instead. Seemingly not much, but just a little annoyance