Creality Print Major Crash

I am having the same issue with several others online. Creality Print is not completeting slicing files. The program makes it 75-70% and completely freezes. This has happened to several of us online. Multiple computers, service providers . Is there something we can do to be able to use Creality Print I am not wanting to change slicing software I bought the K1 for the ease of this slicer . Any help is very much appreciated.

Hello @BillPrivate

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I assume you have the latest version of Creality Print (

I have not had any issues with Creality Print freezing up on Win 11 on my PC.

When the program slices it will take a little while to finish depending on the model. It could be a couple minutes sometimes.

I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the program.

I think I jinxed it when I said it hasn’t crashed… Just froze and had to reboot a little while ago… :disappointed_relieved:

I would recommend everyone using Creality Print to move over to OrcaSlicer…

Orca has far more tools at its disposal and is also more configurable and stable than Creality Print. Creality have even been asking V3 reviewers/testers to use OrcaSlicer so it seems Orca would be the better option all round for everyone.

Moving over to another software seems to be easy for a forum expert , for someone like me who bought the K1 max printer for the ease and set up software without changing anything is another. Will this create an issue where I need to “root” whatever that means and take a chance on voiding the warranty? I think people should know before they drop 1k and have issues where the software designed for the machine doesn’t work.

I have reinstalled multiple times, I have used now 4 different computers at two seperate locations to rule out any possible server issues . I started a new account to be sure it wasnt some setting , one of the computers is brand new with no memory usage at all. The problem still exsists. This is not an issue of taking a few minutes, the freezing occures and I waited 4 hours on Sunday, the status stayed at 79% . Multiple files, multiple computers, others on Facebook stating that the same file did the same thing to them. Certainly not the install reinstall issue I am affraid. To see another response to change software isnt expected, since Creality made this for the k1 max, and many others like myself dont have the ability to “root” or start changing this program. Is there a help line that I can call to speak to someone ?

Sorry you’re having such a hard time with Creality Print. I really don’t know what could be wrong. It could be anything from a corrupted file, virus scanner over reacting or ??. Not really sure.

I haven’t rooted my K1 Max and really don’t plan to until I really know what I’m doing or if I even need to…

Are you able to slice a very small print like a test cube or is it just larger ones that are freezing up the program…

I notice that when I slice models imported from TinkerCad that Creality Print takes a lot longer to figure things out… In fact if the model is over a certain size it won’t finish…

Can you go here and maybe download a different version of Creality Print… :arrow_heading_down:

Creality Print downloads

Because of the New Year Holiday there will be limited support:


I may be a forum expert but I only started using OrcaSlicer in the past month or so myself and can honestly say that it is so much more stable, reliable and easier to customize settings than Creality Print. There are also an array of calibration tools built into Orca which help to fine tune everything.

I completely get that you spent a lot of money on the printer and want it to work as intended but majority of people are finding OrcaSlicer a much more friendly and reliable solution meaning more time printing, less time fiddling with semi-broken buggy software :slight_smile:

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